Celebrating Our 18th Year on the Net!
Announcing Our New Android Apps Site!
We're pleased and proud to announce that we've now opened an Android apps site. As always, we'll be offering plenty of freebies and innovative ideas. Come on over!
Free and Low-Cost Java Applets
Software for Web Developers
Home of Slider - the hottest image slide-show applet on the 'Net... and a stunning collection of powerful, versatile Java applets for a broad variety of multi-media and presentation uses.  See also the Java fast kits, Java sounds archive, JavaScripts and kits, and the free Perl scripts. Home of the powerful CodeLifter source code viewer - see all the code on any http:// html page - even pages protected by no-right-click scripts, trapped in windows without menus or url boxes, and 'referrer' pages.  Get the free download... great for both study and toubleshooting.
Professional Java Applets
Java News Tickers & Software
Powerful, professional applets for image and text presentation, including JavaScript controlled applets.  Free Perl scripts. Our newest commercial site, featuring the unique, easy-to-use NewsMaker Java ticker and software system for professional site news scrollers.
JavaScript, Java Applet, Software Archive
Free Resources for WebMasters
Our latest resource site with tons of JavaScripts and Java applets, Delphi scripts, and software for webmasters. Home of the world-famous IE_Kill 2.0 utility. Free sources forJavaScript, DHTML, CSS, Java applets, Perl and CGI scripts, free graphics, stats and counters, and other web resources.
Contemporary Classical Music
Software, Scripts, Resources, and Music
Free downloads of the music of contemporary classical composer and pianist David Sosnowski.  Also, a few software goodies of interest to musicians and others. etLux has long been the source of every application, applet, and script; and every single line of code on our sites. will be putting it all together in one place - along with a few surprises.
Nothing But PopUps
Can You?  Will You?  Should You?
One of our small sub-sites that deals only with popup windows.  JavaScript open window is our method! One of our small sub-sites that deals only with popup windows.  JavaScript open window is our method!
The Sosnowski Synthesizer
Tools & Toys for Windows Users
If you are a musician today, the synthesizer is a fundamental tool for both composition and performance. The Sosnowski Synthesizer belongs on every musician's PC -- a powerful, versatile instrument that won't break your budget! Our newest site, will be introducing new system tray applications for a variety of purposes.  Don't miss PopWhacker -- a free download -- that every Windows user should have on the desktop.
Can You?  Will You?  Should You?
The Scwubbles are very different entities for every person... benevolent, sinister, loving, dangerous, comforting, supernatural, voices of reason or voices of the wild... what will they be for you?

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